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Okay, here's the dillio people:  Crissi needs a new computer.  I know what ya all are saying "Oh, Crissi, we've been down this road earlier this year and you decided to save up for a car."  Well guess what?  It has now become a priority for me to get a new computer.  See, I'm going into graphic art and design and I'm stuck with a 5 year old Compaq Presario with a 18 GB harddrive!  Only 2 GB remains!  I have a Celeron processor for Godsakes!  I could be working on a 5 hour long Photoshop project and BAM!  Photoshop exits out without even warning me! I can't have that, not when I have teachers coming to me at my school and asking for help with presentations they plan on presenting to the school board!

So, why does this concern my manga and art lover out there?  Because I'm selling my large collection of manga-oriented art supplies and hard to find Trigun volumes.  Yes, let me repeat that HARD TO FIND!!

Anyway, I'm hopeing on posting the following on ebay and then hopeing that someone wants to pay a heafty amount of it.  Maybe ya all that know a lot about the needs of the anime and manga community can explain to me how wanted these items are so I know what the minimum bid should be, k?  Also, please note that this will be my first ebay sale, so maybe someone who knows what they are doing can help me come up with catchy phrases and the like, k?

Here's the manga:

You CAN NOT get these anymore! These are the original three published Trigun volumes that are no longer produced!  Nightow switched over to Young King Ours and, because of copyright rules, the name of 'Trigun' was changed to 'Trigun Maximum' and the series continued thru this new publishing company.  Then, the original three were reproduced, but in two volumes instead of three and by Young King Ours.  So, let me repeat: THESE ARE RARE!
Condition: In mint condition.  Slight yellowing on edges of paper, but only on first two volumes.  Barely noticable.  No tears, no creases.  Rare cover work!  Hard to find!

These are the original japanese language manga volumes shipped from Japan!
Condition: All mint condition!  Practically brand new!  No yellowing, tears, or creases!  Complete your collection!

This fan-comic is in Japanese and is VERY funny!  Great to add to your collection! 
Condition: Practically new!  Read only a few times!  No yellowing, nothing!

This book contains interviews and directions from very popular manga artists on their techniques and how they go about their work.  Includes artwork and instructions by Yasuhiro Nightow, Oh! great, and Satashi Shiki! This is the original Japanese language release and includes some beautiful inside cover art by Oh! great that can not be missed!  Includes instructions on purchasing manga supplies as well!
Condition: Practically new!  No yellowing period!  Perfect!

This is the original, Japanese language Trigun art book from Japan!  Includes stills from the anime, episode guide, character guide, anime character designs, Trigun soundtracks info, rare, full-size anime and manga artwork, and some words from Mr.Nightow!  A must for any major Trigun fan!
Condition: Mint condition.  Some scratches on black cover-not noticable.

And here's the manga supplies, something all you artists out there will love:

Yes, I have around 20 nibs ranging from the G-pens and Maru pens to School and Spoon pens as well the Saji, Zabra, and Caption pens--I have everything any aspiring manga illustrator needs to create some great manga art!!  These pen nibs came from either Tachikawa, Nikko, or Deleter and are all the highest quality!

I also have a lovely total of 6 pen holders that will certainly fit any artist's needs.  From the black and wooden Nikko holders to the fat and plastic Deleter holders as well as the slender, blue Tachikawa pen holder, there is a holder for every nib!!!  Some of them are even just for certain kinds of nibs!!!  All are in very mint condition and can easily be used!!!

I also have both black and white inks from some very respectable ink dealers.  I have a total of 6 inks altogether, but will only be selling 4 because two of them(which were cheap inks) are no longer useable.  I've checked the other 4, though, and they are still in mint condition!  I have black and white inks by Deleter and Comic.  Please keep in mind, though, that the white inks are like a very think white out and usually need water added to work properly unless there is already liquid in the containers!  If preferred, I can even ship a long, thin-tipped brush for easier white ink application!

I can ship to anywhere in the US, but because of this being my first ebay listing, I may not be too eager to ship outside of the US unless it is to Canada. All manga/books will be wrapped in plastic and sent via BOX with bubble wrap!!  All nibs will be shipped in small, plastic containers in, hopefully, a box.  Pen holders will be wrapped in plastic wrap and shipped either by envelope/parcel or, depending on the amount, a box.  All inks will be shit as tightly as they can go and wrapped in plastic wrap and shipped in, hopefully, a box.

I am still unaware of how much shipping and handling is, but it will be a part of your bid.

If you guys think that looks great, then I might add more!  I REALLY need the money!
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Hey ya all!  It's been a long time since I've last updated, hasn't it?  Sorry about that! I've been kind of busy with school and all that jazz, so it has been a bit hard for me to update.

Oh, and, yes I've been keeping up with the poll results and should have a new layout for my lj as soon as I find some damn time/creativity.

I really don't feel like getingt into much of what happened today, but I will mention that it was very emotional, moreso for my friends, but just being around crying girls will get you emotional, you know?  Just, ugh, Squirrely(what everyone called him) committed suicide over the weekend.  I didn't know him very well because I only moved here last year and never had a chance to get to know him better, but most of my friends were very close to him and you can imagine how many hugs I had to give out today.  I'm not sure if there is a heaven, but from all the crying faces, I know that Squirrely must have been a great friend and I hope he is in some form of a better place and a lot happier than he must have been here.  Rest in peace.

For everyone who somehow doesn't know, Son of M IS going to be about our favorite speedster(fuck you flash): Quicksilver!!  Oh, I'm so excited!  Now I can look forward to both Son of M AND my car!  Speaking of which, after pinballing my way through many different cars because my mother wouldn't fucking tell me which one she likes, etc and so on, I finally have an idea of what I'm looking at.  See, here's the plan:  my mom, not surprisingly, suddenly feels that she deserves a new car right around the time that I'll be getting my first(funny how that works, no?), so my dad has came up with a plan to turn in both of our cars(which apparently we're a few thousand in back-paying or whatever) and they'll purchase two new(used) cars and I'll be getting mine...with my own money.  My mom REALLY wants a Matrix and my dad just wants a dinky pick up truck(which makes me laugh because he's always the first one to poke fun at the "rednecks" that toot around here) and I'll probably end up with one of those cheap-yet-quality-built-fuel-wise-cars you always hear about.  Today my dad and I(and my little brother who decided to slam his fists on every single car we passed) went all the way over to Orange Park(which to those of you who live outside of Jacksonville is like driving really, really far...yea) to look at some of their used car dealerships.  We discoverd that Pierson Toyota sucks ass and can lick my non-existant balls(I love cartman) and some of the best cars and deals can be found at some-what small used car dealers right next to the big dealerships! Yay!  My dad really wants me to get a VW Golf(which I think is ugly on the outside of rather simple and accessible on the inside) while I'm gearing for a Honda Civic or a Toyota Echo.  There was a REALLY nice Toyota Echo for like ~$9,000 at one dealership and a really, really nice Honda Civic for ~$7,500 at another.  Oh, I do hope for some options come Christmas!

I've also figured out which song I want to be played at/after my wedding!  Yellow by Coldplay. Yep...I figured it out!

Oh, and the whole Polaris is Magneto's daughter shit continues to bother me in the back of my head...i hate lazy writing...
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Okay, well, since I'm having a hard-ass time figuring out what my new layout should be about, I thought I'd have my friends help me! Or anyone who reads this...yea...

Anyway, please take my poll below and then comment with, well, comments to help me better understand what you'd like my layout to look like...k?
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I'v convinced myself that my current layout is only temporary until I have enough time to make something a lot better.  I have something in mind...just...not sure how I'm going to get ahold of the stock photos for it.  Same goes for feverishicons...I'm working on a new layout for that too...

Speaking of stock photos, I plan on having some sort of crazy photo session at my school with anyone willing to provide themselves as models for some stock I REALLY need but can't find anywhere on the internet...yes...I know that sounds impossible...but I swear to God I can't find anything!

Oh, I stayed home today because my damn cold finally took a toll on my ability to sleep.  I woke up too many times last night to count, but I do remember seeing a very prominent 4AM on my clock, so I know I awoke early.  My mom was nice enough to let me stay home, but I have a ton of chores to do now.  Heh, now I'm waiting for Amanda or someone to call me and go "Crissi, omg, are you okay?".  It'll be me...

Hey, check out Flyleaf.  'Tis a really nice alternate-rock band that just released on iTunes and I absolutely love 'em!  Especially because the group is headed by a girl singer and I have to be all feministness every once and awhile! ;)

Current Music: Flyleaf-Fully Alive

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Okay, here's a creepy sort of washed out layout I just quickly came up with. I don't know if the colors really match the banner that much, but, eh, it'll work! Hope you like it!!


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Hell yea!  Crissi bought herself a paid account!  So, now I can use the kick ass generator layout!  I'll customize it once I'm done designing a layout for a friend.  Enjoy!
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Ugh, I'm so sick and tired of being practically the only junior at Bartram that doesn't have her license yet.  Why?  Because I moved down here when I was ALMOST 16 and THEN found out that I had to keep a stupid-ass learner's license for a whole freakin' YEAR before I could even TRY and get my real license. Up North, they make you keep it for only half a year and I'm pretty sure that if you just take the 8 courses, it doesn't matter if you had it or not.  It's freakin' ridiculous and because I don't have a car/license, I couldn't register for a parking spot, so I don't know what I'm going to do!  I just can not wait until December/January.  December is when my dad said I WILL be getting a car and January is when I'll have my license.

Anyway, my dad took me to a Toyota/Scion dealer Sunday and I test drove a beautiful grey Scion xA and, no, this wasn't that ugly-ass boxy one. This is the mini-Toyota Matrix.


It doesn't matter if I get that particular Scion or not(even though the deal is out of this world, but, eh, my dad is stubborn), I just WANT one of these cars!  They're really cute, stylish, and not as cramped as you'd think.  They also pack a punch for such a small car.  I would absolutely DIE to have a black or burgundy version of one of these babies and then stick some car graphics on the side of it. 

Here's a stock photo of a Scion xA for those that aren't aware:

Isn't it awesome looking?  Oh, and the stereo system(which is insanely important for a rocking teen like me) is AWESOME!  It isn't exactly a factory stereo because it was produced by Pioneer, so you ALREADY have a Pioneer stereo system in your car with a color changing LTD display and possbile iPod linkage!!! 'Tis perfect for me! 

And, it really isn't THAT expensive. The car runs around $14,000 and I plan on getting it used with finance.  So, we'll probably end up putting down $2000 and I pay the monthly fee of around $180~200, but that's only if we can get my grandparents to let me use their perfect credit because my parents are HORRIBLE drivers. 

Blah, I'm so obsessed with driving and getting a car that I don't know what I'm going to do!  If I can't get this car, though, I'm going after a Toyota Matrix.  I originally wanted a Camaro, but finally understood how unpractical/unsafe the car was, so I'm going for these cool designed cars!

Oh, and in other news: expect a new layout for and updates(finally, yea, I know) in the next few weeks.  I'm trying to get a photo shoot going at my school for some stock, but I'm having a hard time getting people to come for free...heh...


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Okay, so I'm honestly going to say that I'm reading HOM not because it's the big mini or because the Avengers and X-Men are in it, working together...I'm reading it for Magneto and his family(minus Lorna).  So, I'm rather keen to any sort of small development Bendis puts upon my favorite characters...and I happily noticed something in the last few pages of the recent HOM issue...

Well, everyone on my friend-list should know that I'm not too happy about the retcon that Lorna IS Magneto's daughter(and I'll fucking call it a retcon because before it was never mentioned and MOST people assumed she wasn't because it would be LAME if she was) and I've had my fingers crossed that someone-anyone-at Marvel will raise their hands during one of their meetings and go:
Editor:"Hey, yea, guys...ummmm...Magneto, yea...I know we don't care that much about his character anymore-"
Claremont (WAY in the back) "I do!"
Editor "-Ahem, but anyway, you know that whole thing with Lorna now supposingly being Magneto's daughter...yea..isn't it a little lame?"
Quesada: " what way do you mean lame?"
Editor: "Well, I mean, isn't that what everyone would expect her to be? The daughter of the only other mutant who controls magnetism?"
Q: "Well, of course!  That's why Austen made her his daughter!  She HAS to be if their powers are so vastly similar!!"
Editor: "But...that's...that's so unimaginitive...why not actually do both the characters justice, especially Lorna, and give her a good background?"
Q: "Um...Bob(yes, that's my editors name damnit), you know that ununimaginitiveness means we have to use more brain power and God damnit it isn't cost effective!"
Bob the Editor: " isn't that hard!  All you have to do is say that Lorna was being a crazzy bitch as we have obnoxiously stereotyped her as and have Magneto tell her that he was never his daughter and then come up with a B-List guy to be her daddy. Hey, it could even be a new villain or something so she can still have that wonderful security of knowing her daddy was once a mass murdere and then side with him even though she never had before..."
Q: "Hmm...I think you got something there, Joe! This, this thing called could very well be the thing we could use to make this character more appealing and less cliche!"
Bob the Editor: "Yes! Now you understand!  Hey, maybe in this HOM reality we have going on here, she was actually just given her wish of having Magneto as her father or even just a father figure and, hell, Magneto doesn't even really know what is going on, ya know?  It could really stir things up a bit, cause Polaris to grow a bit and maybe even give her an arc to find her real parents instead of being pinned to a classic villain who already has children, one of which we've had in limbo for years!"
Q: "Bendis!  You got that!"
Bendis: "Actually sir, with my vast intellect and latent pscyhic abilities I had previously read Bob's mind and wrote a little bit of action and dialogue hinting at such a thing happening in the last few pages of House of M #5."
Q: "Oh, reall?!  Wow, I knew you were my favorite little writer for a reason!  Oh, who's my favorite writer! Who's my favorite writer?"
-Bendis acts like a dog and is given a treat-
Q: "Aw, good little writer!  Oh, and how come we didn't see this dialogue in editing?"
Bendis: " guys don't see anything in editing, sir!"
Q:"Oh, right, yes...anyway...Bob, I think you have a bright-bright-bright future here at Marvel!  Now, you just keep on unwillingly giving off psychic signals to our favorite little writer and don't take credit for your ideas and you'll be here for a good long while!"
Bob: "Oh...well...uh...thank you sir..."

Anyway, LMFAO, that pretty much sums up my feelings on the Polaris+Magneto thing and the staff at Marvel at the moment.  If you couldn't tell what I was talking about, I was referring to the last few pages of House of M #5 when Polaris is trying to find Magneto and calling for him "daddy".  When she finally does, Magneto turns to her and even stutters her name,almost confused or feeling like something is wrong.  Lorna then gives Magneto a hug, which he oddly doesn't return and we get a shot of a rather unemotional eye and him merely answering her with an "Okay" like he doesn't really care.  I dunno...but I think that means something is up with Polaris and him.  I'm hopeing beyound hope that it ends up being her wish and that Magneto himself doesn't even realize what is going on.  It will be great if Magneto doesn't know and the heroes get a nice mental smack for jumping on the "Magneto has to be the bad guy!" wagon.  Oh, and god knows Xavier isn't really dead....
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I finally had a chance to buy some school clothes today and thank god I did since school starts this Friday(yea, stupid, I know).  Anyway, I was really hoping my mom would take me to the mall, but since it was already late, we went to the little shopping center where the pizza parlor is I work at.  We went into a cute shop called Dots Fashions and I picked out a very nice [long] black skirt and a few other black tops.  We then went over to TJ Max which is like Marshalls.  I wasn't expecting to find much there, but-damn!  I found a really cute semi-long gradiant skirt(green-black), camo pants and a few shirts.  Then I discovered the messy beauty section. Now, most gals wouldn't dare venture into this kind of territory since second-hand store beauty sections are notorious for having everything opened and stolen.  Well, I took the chance and found a very popular make up brand called Urban Decay as well as Hard Candy.  Only one of the items I found had been opened and touched, but it was just a tiny smear.  The make up works like a charm too, so I'm pretty excited about using them tomorrow.  My mom and I also found two brands of cheap perfume that smelled like the expensive kind.  I ended up with the cologne like perfume, though, since my mom insisted on keeping the spray.  We are sharing, though...

Also, I finally received my other shipment from Taiwan and everything fits perfectly!  My only complaint was the top that I was really excited about.  See, it's very gothic lolita like, but also has some bondageness to it.  Two fake leather straps come up from the top-front of the top and attach to a choker, but the problem was that the leather straps were way too long and just didn't look very good with the top, even when you twisted them to make them shorter.  So I actually cut them off something that I usually wouldn't dare do to imported clothes.  Now if I really wanted to wear the bondage leather to a party or something, I can just pin it back on. 

Here's a picture of the top with the straps-> Lucky 13 Bondage Tank
And here are the other things I received!
-KERA SPIDER WEB corset GEAR TANK TOP(the fabric I received was actually more red than pink...oh, well)-
-Black & White thigh-high socks(I've fallen in love w/ these!)-
-Mar jour ANGEL WINGS Tartan Button Shirt(a little tight, but just too cool!)-
-Pink & Black thigh-high socks(still trying to figure out what to wear these with...whoops...)-

Yes, I's all very dead sexah! 

I've also purchased another plain white shirt from Micheals to redo my Magneto Was Right shirt.  Here's the one I currently own...
Ugh, horrible webcam photo....
Anyway, what was wrong with it you may ask?  Well, for one, it was the very first iron-on transfer I ever made, so I was foolish and didn't cut away all the extra transfer paper so it has left this really nasty bright white outline of the transfer paper, some of which has torn off and if you are up close to me, you can easily tell.  So I want to make a pretty one and this time I'm going to add a greyscale of Magneto on the back using his powers or something.  I plan on making a few more comic related t-shirts just for me! Heh, I like being original!!!
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Blah, seems that all I do is rant on here...oh, well...there are more unhealthy outlets I suppose...

Anyway, this was originally intended for MySpace(it stole my soul), but I wanted to show it to some of my friends that aren't on there, so enjoy this HORRIBLY written, but meant to be funny story of my day at work!

I have an issue with lazy people....
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