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The Son of M has taken over bitches!!!
Well, aren't I just evil?  Instead of going by the poll results because I'm just so naughty, I decided to take advantage of Marvel's new Son of M wallpaper and completely fuck with it until I came up with this semi-cool banner.  I like it, do you?  Also notice the Son of M icon to your left--yes, Pietro is so yummy especially when he's suspiciously homeless.

Anyway, I sort of went crazy with boxes and such with this layout, but just for ya all know, the lyrics come from "Much Like Falling" by Flyleaf. They're a somewhat new band that incorporates christian lyrics or something...or atleast that's what I found out after searching for lyrics. I'm usually not a Christian music person just because I find most of it really cheap, but this band is pretty good. They sound absolutely great and anyone who likes alternative rock will love them...the only problem? The girl sounds too much like Avril that it hurts their rep too much.

Here are the lyrics that I can make out:
"When I said good morning
I was lieing
I was truly thinking of
how I might quit waking up
You pointed out how selfish
it would be to kill myself
So I keep waking up"

That's the opener. The song is only like...2 minutes and a half long, so...yea....

Also, while I was bored during my days of sickness, I decided to sketch a character design of Wahankh, a character for a story and or comic I want to do.  He's under the cut for my dial up buddies!

Wahankh is the first vampire--the king of Vampires to be precise.  Born in ancient Egypt and raised by his mortal father, Wahankh is actually the son of the Beast of Night, a being created by God to watch over the night and all its creatures.  After becoming lonely in his life of endless darkness, The Beast decided to create his own children, ones who would be slaves to the night and be more powerful than God's own creations.  Thus, The Beast waited and felt for a powerful soul entering the body of a baby still in its mother's womb.  He chose the baby of a peasant couple and molded the infant into his ideal image.  He gave the boy his power and his blood, making the baby both a beast and a man.  When God found out about this, however, he was furious.  He sealed The Beast of Night far off in a shrine, but instead of killing the child then and there, God decided to let the innocent baby live, but for it and all those after, shall be damned by God. 

Yep, that's what I'm giving to ya all for now...heh...I made it sound all fable-ish! LOL.  Anyway, that's how Vamps came to be in my own little universe.  If ya all are interested, I'll expand...

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annedroid From: annedroid Date: October 3rd, 2005 12:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Pietro is so yummy especially when he's suspiciously homeless.

hee. =)
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