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MTV's Shows Make Me Hurt for Being Medium Middle Class...
LOL, I love my header.

Anyway, I'll be back in school tomorrow! Yay!  I'm ACTUALLY excited!  I missed everyone!

I got off like 2 days of work and that's a real bummer because I really needed those hours so I can get a big enough pay check for my computer savings, but I worked Monday of last week(which I usually don't) so those hours made up for one of the days and I know I'm not putting anything on my time card(like, if you eat something from Renna's and don't pay cash then and there, you have to write it on the back of your time card and it's taken out of your next paycheck...along with taxes...damn republican govt), so I'm guessing it will all even out, ya know?  Well, I went back to work today and David(the pizza guy) was giving me a hard time and trying to accuse me of "playing hookie" because God knows I WANT to loose money...dumbass.  Why is he doing this? Because I DO sound like I was never sick, but I swear to God it's in my fucking genes!  I have a way of being sick for a few days and then POOF, the next day I'm all back to normal, ya know?  That and once I feel pretty good and get up and get going, my body usually gets the hint and starts to work good again! :)

Once I find that damn elusive stock photo of the bald guy in pain, I'm going to make a large, printable(as in big ass prints you) dark art manipulation and get it printed a few times and frame it and stick it on my wall. LOL, I'm just that vein, ya know? LOL.  Actually, I'm slightly considering selling prints on Deviant art...but damnit, that place is a huge fucking popularity contest not unlike the Class President shit all us labeled geeks and nerds had to endure during school.  You could have written a fucking thesis on stopping world hunger and still lose to the guy that got infront of the student body and went, "Yea, vote for Bryan!".  It's ridiculous really. 

I'm sad because no one bought my Trigun doujinshi off eBay.  Are my listings that craptacular?  So, I'm going to offer it to my friends for like under $20...even though it cost me much more...

Also, along with printing manips, I'm going to offer my services once again to serious buyers!!  I need money real bad, not just for the computer, but also to help me with everyday things like clothes and stuff.  My main job(cashier) will help pay for my car, but my manips will go towards helping me buy some more of the clothes I love, which I can't do without my own money, ya hear?  So, if you know anyone that will take this seriously and in a busniesslike manner, then please forward them to me!!!
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vegeta_holic From: vegeta_holic Date: November 8th, 2005 05:52 am (UTC) (Link)
Can I join hellsing_stills please?

Thanks ^^
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