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It's been a crazy week here. Last Sunday my boyfriend broke up with me for some reasons I'm not even sure about, work barely scheduled me so I was left to mope about my new singleness all week, I planned on going to FCCJ only to have my mind changed by the Graphic Design program at UNF, and I saw like 3 movies.

Yeah. Trying to get my mind off of somethings. Can you tell?

Anyway, I'm happy at the prospect of going straight to UNF. I really can't wait to make new friends and meet new people. Hell maybe I'll find a guy that can actually treat me right?

Pfft, I've just been hurting-big time-this past week. I fell in love with my now ex boyfriend and I'm still in love with him and it pisses me off. I've figured out in my head(at least I'm pretty sure) that I'm better off with out him and that there are plenty of other guys that can treat me better, but love just doesn't disappear, you know? It takes time to heal and I think I am going to sever all ties with him for a good while. I made the mistake of getting worked up today and txt'ing him Happy Birthday(yes, his birthday oh so coincidentally was exactly a week after he broke up with me), so I started crying, but my friends helped me get over it.

I should take this time to really start just living every day for myself. I spent the last 6 months caring so much about him and wanting to please him that I really think I neglected myself. I'm excited about college and really putting my foot in the door to Graphic Design.

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mrcunninghamz From: mrcunninghamz Date: July 12th, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
sorry to hear about your situation. UNF will be a good change. I ilke your profile. looks like you have a natural talent for design.
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