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Mom was hit by a car...
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This is the first time I've been able to get onto the internet since around 9:30 Saturday night. I know dear Robert has been keeping you guys updated as best as he can and I really appreciate that. For those that still don't know what's going on, here's the story:

At around 10pm Saturday night, my mother was driving towards my Aunt's house South bound on State Road 13 with her friend Jennifer in tow. They saw a stray dog wandering in the street near the newly built billiards and pet store right before McDonalds. Being the kind person my mother is, she turned around and started heading North Bound on 13 and stopped her car in a left turn lane. Her friend Jennifer parked behind her. My mom left my sister, brother, and Jennifer's daughter in her car and went to try and get the dog, Jennifer was with her. From what I understand, my mom had the dog in her hands and a car in the right lane of traffic saw her and stopped. This then caused someone behind that car to shift lanes and hit my mom. From what Jennifer explained, she didn't hear any brakes(driver was probably doing something in their car like on a cellphone or something), but the driver at least made some effort to miss my mom, so she was side swiped. My mom was then thrown into the air and came down on her head in the median, but luckily in the grass of the median. The driver kept on going, but did stop at another left turn lane a little ways down. Jennifer witnessed everything and was pretty hysterical when I got there. Luckily, my brother, sister, and Jennifer's daughter were in such a position that they did not see it happen.

My mom was then rushed by ambulance to the soccer fields off of RaceTrack Rd where she was airlifted to Shan's Jacksonville Hospital. There she was brought to the trauma center and my father raced our family there as fast(and safely) as he could. I was terrified because my real father died on route to the hospital when he was airlifted, so I was just going crazy and txting people.

Once we arrived, we were put into a waiting room and greeted by a counselor sent by the St.John's Sherriff department. She was very nice and always had the best in mind, which is good because my father was hysterical. When a nurse came to get our insurance information, she did inform us that my mother was alive, so we weren't waiting too long not knowing. We then moved to a waiting room closer to the trauma center entrance(which was good and bad) so that we could go outside and use our cellphones and that I could text people info. I really appreciated all the texts I received. They helped me to stay strong.

After about an hour of waiting and Jennifer having to wait outside(only immediate family members were allowed in), the doctor who was working on my mother came in and told us that she is alive, but that my sister and brother had to leave because she was going to talk about scary stuff. She told us that she's a very lucky woman and that she was in critical condition still. They had all ready moved her to cat scanning to check her for brain damage(something they were very worried about) and explained that she still had to have her breathing tube in. She was, however, responding, but she also had some possible fractures to her vertabrae, but not ones that would cause paralysis.

I then left to go outside and talk to Jennifer and she enlightened me on more of what happened. There I text'd a few of you the news and started to think too much and wonder if I was being punished or something. I mean, all this shit in the span of two weeks? It fucking sucks. I really was starting to get upset, but having people text me and having Jennifer there was help. My grandma then had to call my Aunt(who is in Conneticut) and so now my aunt is trying to get on the first flight she can back home. A little while later, my grandma updated me more and that they planned on taking us back in twos to see her. Of course, my sister and brother weren't permitted, but my dad and I were going to see her. Three hours later, though, my brother was starting to wake up from sleeping and my sister and I didn't know how much longer we could stay awake. So around 3:25am, my grandpa took me and my siblings by our house and we grabbed some things, checked on Lily and her kittens and then left for my grandparents' house. I didn't get to sleep until around 6:30am, though, and I was on the phone with Robert for a good while just talking about things.

Today she woke up and told them that her leg hurt and they found that a small bone under her knee is broken. They also tried to take out her breathing tube, but she had trouble, so they had to put it back. Seems that her lungs are bruised, so she can't breath on her own yet. A few vertabrae or shoulder bones might be broken, my dad wasn't very clear. He was just very intent on the fact that it's a miracle she survived this based on everything he has been hearing. She won't be released for probably another week and half and then her full recovery is most likely going to take 4 to 6 months.

It's all very scary and I know I'm going to have to step up and be substitute mommy for a good while. I was in shock for a good bit of the night last night and when my brother came into my room here and started crying because he wanted mommy, I started getting really upset and realizing just how close I was to losing my best friend in the entire world. I'm still upset over it and I'm so very nervous about the future. My dad still wants me to continue with the plans I had for school as normal,but I don't know how easy that's going to be. I've been feeling so alone lately and my mom has been here for me the past 2 weeks after Steve broke up with me and I don't know what I would have done if the worse news was said.

I still don't quite understand why this had to happen. My family is all ready in enough trouble as it is. My parents have been fighting daily and even just Saturday morning my mom left because my dad was going crazy and I had to take my siblings to my grandparents' house then. Our air conditioning and fridge are both broken, so we can't stay at my house right now. I couldn't help but start thinking too much last night about all this. What if I'm being punished? Is it because I don't believe in god? That actually crossed my mind. Just all this in the span of 2 weeks? I don't understand. I just don't. I'm honestly just sort of emotionally retarded right now. I cry here and there, but, eh, I just don't know anymore.

Anyway,I wanted to thank everyone who got back to me last night. I know I only contacted a few people because I didn't want to get too overwhelmed by everything, but I really did appreciate all your kind words. This includes Mara, Krysta, Denise, Robert, Dan, and, hell, even Steve. He text me today and told me that his mom said she's here for me and I really appreciated that especially because originally I wasn't expecting anything back.

Right now I'm just trying to keep myself eating. I barely ate anything Friday and then again Saturday, so I'm hoping I can eat something today. I'm taking care of Kobi and trying to be strong for him even though he doesn't really know what's going on.

Well, love you guys and I hope everything turns out okay.

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